A Warm Welcome to Duke University Class of 2019!

Acceptances for Duke's Class of 2019 just went out tonight! I could not be more excited to welcome the new Blue Devils to the family with the Duke Digital Swag project, featuring #DUKE2019 and #DUKEFAMILY designs for new Dukies to rep their school on their devices and social media. The project is a collaboration between Duke Innovative Design Agency (DIDA), Duke University Undergraduate Admissions, and the @DukeStudents team, and was developed as a congratulatory gift to the new class from current students. As the web designer for the project, I had a blast working with a talented team of DIDA student designers, including Lindsey Brown and Alex Lark (graphics). 

The project was inspired by Vanderbilt Admission's downloadable swag, which is housed on a single blog-post style page. For the Duke Digital Swag project, I expanded Vanderbilt's simple model into a microsite to serve as a welcoming gateway to the Duke community after being admitted - one that would excite incoming students and show them what Duke is about. The site's information architecture is structured to allow users to quickly browse themes before choosing a media format, rather than the other way around on the Vanderbilt page. This thematic organization also allowed for brief informational blurbs about each theme/image, a nice but gentle way to introduce new students to aspects of Duke life and help them picture how they might fit into the Duke community.

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