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Free Veggie Chips!

To anyone who will help make my dream of the Roots Shoots + Fruits international vegetarian festival come to fruition! If these freeee veggie chips aren't enticing enough, read more about what I have in mind for the festival in my earlier blog post here. Beet you there.

Double Entendre That

JP's All American Hot Dog Parlor is a modern take on the humble hot dog stand - drawing inspiration from the classic Pink's in LA and infusing a cosmopolitan flair with quality ingredients and unique flavor profiles.

I got a little carried away while crafting JP's sample menu, which features tongue-in-cheek, witty names that count celeb shout outs, rap lyrics, memes, and even old Hollywood history among their broad cultural references. 

My personal favorite on the menu is for the undecided, or the decidedly ambivalent: the Clark Gable, code for the chef's special of the day. Menu description: "Frankly, I don't give a damn what I get." Double entendre too much? Honey badger don't care.

Roots Shoots + Fruits Preview

I've been revamping my Roots Shoots + Fruits promotional materials from two years ago, which advertise an international vegetarian festival that I conceptualized. I'm excited to share a preview of the new design, which refines the original color palette and addresses some of my layout and typographic concerns about the previous iterations.

The posters feature silly vegetable puns that I hope will inspire a chuckle or two. As a vegetarian and foodie - why do they have to be mutually exclusive? - I couldn't have come up with an event more near to my heart. Roots Shoots + Fruits is to be held in October, Vegetarian Awareness Month, in Santa Monica. Beyond it's 50+ vendors of unique vegetarian and vegan foods from around the world, the 3-day festival will host the filming of a special vegetarian edition of Food Network's hit show, Chopped. To top it all off, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, recently named the World's Sexiest Vegan, will be performing. It's really too bad this event is not actually real. Can we all make this happen now?