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Free Veggie Chips!

To anyone who will help make my dream of the Roots Shoots + Fruits international vegetarian festival come to fruition! If these freeee veggie chips aren't enticing enough, read more about what I have in mind for the festival in my earlier blog post here. Beet you there.

Still Chasing After Some Steve's

There was snow on the ground in Durham when I learned that my packaging design, which I did with Black & Black Creative, for Steve's Ice Cream was out - and now I'm mid-summer melting in this drought-stricken desert of southern California. Read: I'm ready for some o' dat ice cream! I cannot imagine a more satisfying frosty treat than one packaged in my own design. Problem is, I've checked just about all the stores around me incessantly and that partially-translucent pint is ever elusive. Guess I'll stick to stalking the Steve's Instagram account (also the source of this tantalizingly tactile image) to feed my icy fix. 

Packaging Design Debut

This is how I learned that my packaging designs for Steve's Ice Cream are now available: a friend texts me this screenshot of Mindy Kaling's instagram of the new (alongside old) packaging. Fame by association level: Official Ice Cream of #TheMindyProject, 2,058 likes in 3 minutes. Contact high level: hyperventilating in my chair and feverishly texting everyone I know that I am basically famous now.