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Spotlight Surprise!

I was pleasantly surprised to come across my Spotlight logo applied prominently to the glass doors of the Office for Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Bryan Center at Duke University today. I enjoyed playing with Duke UCAE's branding guidelines and color scheme to create a playful logo for the student leadership awards event.

Branding: EdgeFest 2015

Here's some in progress branding and print work, a collaboration between Natasia Leung and I for the first annual EdgeFest.

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A Warm Welcome to Duke University Class of 2019!

Acceptances for Duke's Class of 2019 just went out tonight! I could not be more excited to welcome the new Blue Devils to the family with the Duke Digital Swag project, featuring #DUKE2019 and #DUKEFAMILY designs for new Dukies to rep their school on their devices and social media. The project is a collaboration between Duke Innovative Design Agency (DIDA), Duke University Undergraduate Admissions, and the @DukeStudents team, and was developed as a congratulatory gift to the new class from current students. As the web designer for the project, I had a blast working with a talented team of DIDA student designers, including Lindsey Brown and Alex Lark (graphics). 

The project was inspired by Vanderbilt Admission's downloadable swag, which is housed on a single blog-post style page. For the Duke Digital Swag project, I expanded Vanderbilt's simple model into a microsite to serve as a welcoming gateway to the Duke community after being admitted - one that would excite incoming students and show them what Duke is about. The site's information architecture is structured to allow users to quickly browse themes before choosing a media format, rather than the other way around on the Vanderbilt page. This thematic organization also allowed for brief informational blurbs about each theme/image, a nice but gentle way to introduce new students to aspects of Duke life and help them picture how they might fit into the Duke community.

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A Great Modern Love Story

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, I'm excited to share one of my recent projects: the cover design for The Novelist's Wife, a literary romance by Sasha Bristol. For the design I channelled my inner Chip Kidd, keeping in mind some of his design tips and strategies from his visit to my Business of Arts & Media class last semester, and had fun experimenting with handwriting and calligraphy. 

In the tradition of The Paris Wife and Loving FrankThe Novelist's Wife reimagines a great modern love story: D.H. and Frieda Lawrence behind closed doors. The novel is now available online here.

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Lipstick Calligraphy

How often do you get to practice calligraphy at work - in lipstick? Lucky me got to spend the afternoon happily sweeping a different kind of brush on paper in the name of digital marketing. R.I.P. cheap lipstick in Suave Mauve, hello Morgan Lane's sugary sweet Halloween newsletter!

And We're Live!

After months of hard work, Black & Black's new company website has finally been launched! I spent a significant amount of time working on images and mockups for the projects within their portfolio, and contributing to their blog. Of course, midway through mocking up mobile sites onto iPhones, Apple released the iPhone 6, and there I was starting over.

Here's a preview of the design: check it out at for the full effect!