Cityzen App

Concept, user experience, user interface design, and branding for a mobile application for exploring cities in a new way.


Cityzen presents the city in a minimalist map view, encouraging users to get lost, look around, and follow whatever piques their interests. The logo is a spin on the location pin, inspired by the lotus flower. 


Information Architecture

The application centers around the 'walk' function, which allows users to start their walk around the city. The walk is complemented by three other core functions: actions, POIs, and rendezvous'. Actions are essentially instructions or tasks that help guide users around. These are presented as cards that can be skipped or completed. As users wander with the guidance of these action cards, they may come within range of points of interest or another 'cityzen' or user. POI cards are a way for users to learn more about their surroundings when they stumble upon a site that is significant or interesting. The rendezvous function gives users the option to meet up with other 'cityzens' nearby for a more social experience.

Users will always be prompted with the question, "What do you want to do today?" upon opening the application, which allows them to specify time or destination constraints for their walk. First-time users will be directed to a walkthrough of the app's functions before being prompted to register their user information.

The main map view of the application is complemented by a local and a global side menu. The local side menu allows users to manage their current walk, showing their route, a summary, and allowing them to end their walk. The global side menu provides users with customization options, detailed information about their overall activity with a personal profile, an activity log of their walks, favorites, and pins.


Wireframes & Site Flow

Details of the new user walkthrough, prompt, main walk screen, local and global menus, action cards, rendezvous, and point of interest cards. The user experience is essentially an endless walk guided by action cards that may or may not be punctuated by point of interest cards and rendezvous' with other 'cityzens'. Users can end their walk at any time. 


High Fidelity Designs